Don’t throw in the towel!

So I’ll be honest and say I’ve struggled with a little discouragement recently. There are areas of my life that are thriving and I’m seeing the blessings of the Lord. There are other areas that are just plain frustrating, irritating, and uncomfortable.

How you view your life is really about perspective. My perspective has been glass 1/2 empty, honesty not even 1/2 empty. It’s more like 1/4 empty and I’ve allowed myself to focus on the 1/4.

  • Don’t get weary in well doing
  • Don’t get stuck on the mistakes you’ve made
    Don’t get hung up on people’s opinions
  • Take a time out, get some rest, be revived, wipe your face and get back to working IT! (Whatever it is for you!)
  • Happy Birthday to Me!

    Yesterday was my Birthday. I received so much love and I’m grateful. I’m truly thankful for all life’s lessons and blessings. I could start to think, If I practiced then what I know now! But no regrets! Can’t change the past. In this season my goal is to do what I know to do. That simple!

    Imagine if we took all life’s lessons and applied what we learned to our daily lives. What if we packaged that wisdom up in some form to be a blessing to others:

    • The lessons we learned from heartache
    • What we were taught by our parents and leaders
    • What we learned from our mistakes and the mistakes of others
    • The advice we have given others
  • You needed those lessons to live a successful life! That’s why you were allowed to go through what you’ve been through.
  • Someone else needs the lessons you’ve learned. They need to hear it and they need to see it in action. Just do it!
  • Don’t miss the miracle of today!

    For so many years I allowed my hope for a new baby make me miss out on the blessing and miracles that I was able to experience everyday! My husband, my children, my career, my ministry, loved ones who truly cared etc.

    In no way am I insinuating that hoping or faith is not good, but being content in the place you are in is crucial.

    It hasn’t been easy but I’ve had to learn how to hope, believe, and prepare for the future while appreciating my “now!”

    I know you might not have what you desire yet, but find the blessing in each day and instead of frustration, you will keep your mind in a state of gratitude.

    Weight Loss – It was a struggle

    For the past 4 years I’ve been trying to get my weight down to #onderland (less than 200 lbs) to say it was a struggle is the truth. The struggle was not about exercise, for me it was all about the food.

    I used food for many things:

    • Comfort
    • Pain relief (it really seemed to work)
    • Boredom
    • Celebrations

    Over the years I would lose the 1st 10 pounds fairly easy but when crisis or celebrations would come, I would gain again.

    2018 has been a year of digging up for me. I had buried trauma that I hadn’t dealt with that caused me to self sabotage my weight loss among other things. My body was literally crying out for change.

    I begin asking myself the hard questions, dealing with fear and anxiety, replacing old habits with good ones, and learning to not be so hard on myself!

    Maybe you have a goal for yourself that you just can’t seem to meet. If it’s something that only you can do, then you need to find out why? Don’t be afraid to do some digging. If it’s a important to you, don’t let anything stand in your way. Not even you!

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    Be Present!

    Last weekend we celebrated our 10th Anniversary with family. All week I pondered on what to write in this blogpost. I couldn’t really think of what to share.

    I was overwhelmed by Gods Grace and His love. Literally dropping tears on and off all week thinking of how far God had brought us. I had so much on my heart,

    I just knew I wanted to thank God and I wanted to celebrate. I didn’t worry about pictures, if the food etc was perfect, I was just present in the moment. I begin to think: How many moments have I missed by not being completely present?

    How many blessings did you not recognize because you were concerned about details or other issues going on?

    I felt so much joy seeing generations all together in one room, hearing the laughs as we played games, dancing and singing with my children, and looking into the eyes of the man I love as he declared his love for me and I to him.

    I know you are praying for blessings. We all are. But take a moment today and be present. Look around and see what God has already blessed you with. The things money can’t buy!