A talk with the one in the mirror

To the woman in the mirror:

  • I know you tried before and were told it wasn’t the right way or the right time
  • I know you doubted your ability and in your mind could hear the voices of others doing the same
  • I know you see others doing something similar and you feel like your work won’t stand out
  • I know those closest to you don’t always understand and think you are doing “too much”


  • I know that what’s in you has to get out or you will burst out with frustration instead of greatness
  • I know you were created with a unique voice and a unique flavor that only you can bring
  • I know someone’s life will change when you release the heavenly treasure that’s locked inside
  • I know you will do it because you have to!

You will do IT!



Share Words of Appreciation

Happy Valentines Day from the Bundys!

My husband and I filmed a YouTube video sharing our appreciation for one another. Though I’m sure we both feel that we show appreciation throughout the year it was so good to actually hear the words expressed.

We all want to feel appreciated. Lack of appreciation can makes people feel frustrated, discouraged, and used. I encourage you to tell someone today how much you appreciate them for what they add to your life.

Praise and Worship is how you show appreciation to your Heavenly Father, start there and then speak words of appreciation to others.

Be blessed

Link to Video

Share words of Appreciation

The Lesson before the Test

I realize that often times I like to skip to the test in hopes that I pass regardless of whether I’ve actually learned a lesson or not. Testing has a purpose. A test is designed to test your knowledge and to evaluate how well you understand and can apply what you have learned.

This morning I had to take an annual course that gives you the option to skip the lessons and take the test. Honestly, this is usually the option I take. Why? It takes less time and I feel like I know the material. Well, I mistakenly hit the wrong button and had to take the whole course again before I could take the final evaluation. This got me thinking…

How many times do we try to skip ahead and pass the tests of life but haven’t effectively learned our lesson. We are missing out on the wealth of knowledge that the “University of Life” is trying to teach us because:

  • We are in a hurry and are rushing to our next step
  • We think we know it all already
  • We forget things, people, and seasons are constantly changing

It make take extra time but make sure that you are learning the lessons life is trying to teach you. Yes I know it seems you always pass the test but how well have you really mastered what you were supposed to learn!

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