Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Get checked!


So it’s breast cancer awareness month! I am blessed to know some breast cancer survivors but also know some that have passed on! Ladies, get checked. I won’t lie to you, a mammogram is not the most comfortable exam but it’s fairly quick and can help save your life.

I got my exam this week and received that unwanted call that a rescan was needed. I went back for a rescan the next day and Praise God all is well!!!  

Get to know your “TaTas” by doing self exams and getting your mammograms. 

While I’m on the subject: get your Pap smears too!!! Too often we neglect our self care in this area especially after we are no longer going to the Gynecologist for birth control and pregnancies. Sisters we must take care of ourselves so we can be here to take care of everyone else!!!! Blessings 💕

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