Share Words of Appreciation

Happy Valentines Day from the Bundys!

My husband and I filmed a YouTube video sharing our appreciation for one another. Though I’m sure we both feel that we show appreciation throughout the year it was so good to actually hear the words expressed.

We all want to feel appreciated. Lack of appreciation can makes people feel frustrated, discouraged, and used. I encourage you to tell someone today how much you appreciate them for what they add to your life.

Praise and Worship is how you show appreciation to your Heavenly Father, start there and then speak words of appreciation to others.

Be blessed

Link to Video

Share words of Appreciation

Author: Youlisha Bundy

Youlisha Bundy is a blessed wife, mother, minister, speaker, blogger, and "Matters of the Heart" coach. She has overcome many things in life including child sexual abuse, divorce, single-parenthood, pregnancy loss, and infertility. Her purpose is to help you overcome life's greatest challenges to fulfill your life's purpose. Start your journey to Freedom!

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