Don’t Overcompensate

My word for the week is “Overcompensate!” If someone has a bad knee, and doesn’t get it checked out soon enough it will cause issues with the good knee because you overcompensate using it to avoid the pain. Just like in the physical it’s the same spiritually, emotionally, and in relationships. Stop working around and masking the pain: Seek healing! #mattersoftheheart #brokenandnotashamed #seekhealing #dontovercompensate

Buried or planted!

Maybe we just need to change our perspective! If a seed feels buried it will hate the entire process of being underground but if it knows it’s just being planted the seed will have hope that as it grows and develops it can soon expect to experience breakthrough! #wednesdaywisdom #mattersoftheheart #brokenandnotashamed #healingisaprocess #seedplanted

Get a coach!

When you are vulnerable often social media is the last place you need to be. You will quickly find yourself frustrated from comparing your life to people’s highlight reels. If you need help dealing with the matter of your heart and are interested in learning more about coaching check #linkinbio or contact me at #mattersoftheheart #hireacoach #brokenandnotashamed #startthenewyearwhole #healingisaprocess #childsexualabuse #divorce #lossoflovedone #lossofchild #traumaticevent

I’m taking my seat!

Its not about who wants you there, who recognizes you, or appreciates your presence. When God puts you somewhere make sure you remain a willing vessel and be prepared to shine His Glory no matter what!

Your steps are ordered! You are where you are supposed to be. Shine where you are, not to be flashy or for personal gratification but so that God gets all the glory. A light hidden can not be seen. Stop waiting for someone to throw you a welcome party and just be who God created you to be. Show up fully and completely in the uniqueness and exquisiteness that is you! #godcreatedmyseat #shinebrightliketheson #forhisglory #mattersoftheheart

Don’t feel obligated, be spirit lead!

I’ve been praying about how to act on a certain situation. I felt obligated to do something, to say something to try to bring about a change because I care about the people involved and THEY want me to represent them.

However, I sense the Holy Spirit saying this is not the time. Instead of speaking out to be still, walk in humility and wait. You know what, that’s exactly what I’m going to do! I will wait and when prompted by the Holy Spirit (not people) I will speak what I’m told to speak!

“Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:6‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Don’t throw in the towel!

So I’ll be honest and say I’ve struggled with a little discouragement recently. There are areas of my life that are thriving and I’m seeing the blessings of the Lord. There are other areas that are just plain frustrating, irritating, and uncomfortable.

How you view your life is really about perspective. My perspective has been glass 1/2 empty, honesty not even 1/2 empty. It’s more like 1/4 empty and I’ve allowed myself to focus on the 1/4.

  • Don’t get weary in well doing
  • Don’t get stuck on the mistakes you’ve made
    Don’t get hung up on people’s opinions
  • Take a time out, get some rest, be revived, wipe your face and get back to working IT! (Whatever it is for you!)
  • Happy Birthday to Me!

    Yesterday was my Birthday. I received so much love and I’m grateful. I’m truly thankful for all life’s lessons and blessings. I could start to think, If I practiced then what I know now! But no regrets! Can’t change the past. In this season my goal is to do what I know to do. That simple!

    Imagine if we took all life’s lessons and applied what we learned to our daily lives. What if we packaged that wisdom up in some form to be a blessing to others:

    • The lessons we learned from heartache
    • What we were taught by our parents and leaders
    • What we learned from our mistakes and the mistakes of others
    • The advice we have given others
  • You needed those lessons to live a successful life! That’s why you were allowed to go through what you’ve been through.
  • Someone else needs the lessons you’ve learned. They need to hear it and they need to see it in action. Just do it!