Weight Loss – It was a struggle

For the past 4 years I’ve been trying to get my weight down to #onderland (less than 200 lbs) to say it was a struggle is the truth. The struggle was not about exercise, for me it was all about the food.

I used food for many things:

  • Comfort
  • Pain relief (it really seemed to work)
  • Boredom
  • Celebrations

Over the years I would lose the 1st 10 pounds fairly easy but when crisis or celebrations would come, I would gain again.

2018 has been a year of digging up for me. I had buried trauma that I hadn’t dealt with that caused me to self sabotage my weight loss among other things. My body was literally crying out for change.

I begin asking myself the hard questions, dealing with fear and anxiety, replacing old habits with good ones, and learning to not be so hard on myself!

Maybe you have a goal for yourself that you just can’t seem to meet. If it’s something that only you can do, then you need to find out why? Don’t be afraid to do some digging. If it’s a important to you, don’t let anything stand in your way. Not even you!

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Be Present!

Last weekend we celebrated our 10th Anniversary with family. All week I pondered on what to write in this blogpost. I couldn’t really think of what to share.

I was overwhelmed by Gods Grace and His love. Literally dropping tears on and off all week thinking of how far God had brought us. I had so much on my heart,

I just knew I wanted to thank God and I wanted to celebrate. I didn’t worry about pictures, if the food etc was perfect, I was just present in the moment. I begin to think: How many moments have I missed by not being completely present?

How many blessings did you not recognize because you were concerned about details or other issues going on?

I felt so much joy seeing generations all together in one room, hearing the laughs as we played games, dancing and singing with my children, and looking into the eyes of the man I love as he declared his love for me and I to him.

I know you are praying for blessings. We all are. But take a moment today and be present. Look around and see what God has already blessed you with. The things money can’t buy!

You have the answer

You may already have answer to your prayer, issue, or circumstance.

  • Look in your journal
  • Think of all the advice and counsel you have given others
  • Think of the wise counsel others have given you
  • Review your old bible study, sermon or teaching notes
  • Read the book or blog post you wrote (that’s for me)
  • Look at your vision board
  • Go back to the prophetic word you received
  • Meditate on that scripture again and again

Sometimes we already have the answer, we just need to implement it.

Honor not Idolatry

We are called to give honor where it is due! However, in my life there have been times that honor has turned into idolatry. I’ll be sharing about the right ways to show honor and prayerfully shining the light on areas of unknown idolatry that may be present in your life. Join me on FB live or via teleconference as we start the series on this topic.

Don’t take it personal

I used to literally wear my feelings on my sleeve. I took everything people did or didn’t do to heart. I caused myself so much unnecessary frustration, stress and heartache. If you are like I was, do some digging and find out why. Then do something about it. Here are some practical tips I came across that were too good not to share!

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The Power of Empathy

Yesterday as I left out of the store I saw this energetic little girl leaving the store with her grandpa. I told her “You’re so pretty!” I then looked and noticed her arms and legs full of what appeared to be mosquito bites and I blurted out what was in my mind, “Did something bite you?” She said yes, and skipped on past me. Then she ran back to me to show me the bites up close. I stopped and told her, “Awww, I’m sorry those bugs bit you and I know what it’s like to get bit and feel all itchy. I hope you feel better soon.”

As I went about my day, I couldn’t shake my new little friend, as I called her to my husband who was watching our interaction from the car. I said a prayer for her yesterday and as I started my day today, I’m still thinking about her. As I said a prayer for again, tears begin to swell. I realized why, this precious little girl was so innocent. She had a boo boo and appreciated me noticing it and empathizing with her. I know there are times I’m going through something and although I may or may not say anything about it, I really want someone to show me empathy.

  • To see what it’s like from my perspective.
  • To imagine how it would feel.

There is true power in empathy. I believe I do, but I’m going to try to practice it more often. I challenge you to do the same.

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I had the idea to do the journal as I prepared for the recent teaching I did on the subject. I had so many little, yet annoying, hiccups along the way. What should have been a simple and fast project took longer than expected. With each obstacle, I knew I had to push because someone needed this! To God Be the Glory!!!!!

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What can fear and anxiety teach you?

Sometimes you have to push

I’m working on a project that I thought would be done by now. Honestly, it’s been very frustrating and because I didn’t meet my deadline I have thought about just forgetting it. But, I see the purpose for it, I know it’s needed, so I will push until it’s done.

I used to think if it didn’t come easy for me it wasn’t meant to be. How many people throw away the goal, project, relationship, or event because it’s hard or requires rework?

Don’t be one of them! If everyday the Lord brings it back up in your mind and heart pray for endurance to see it through.

“In everything we do, we show that we are true ministers of God. We patiently endure troubles and hardships and calamities of every kind.”

‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭6:4‬ ‭NLT‬‬