Today’s pic features lyrics from Ericka Campbell’s song Help.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Help can be a one word prayer when you pray it, cry it, even scream it expecting the Lord to come to the rescue. See when we cry out help without belief that help is on the way, we waste our breath, tears, and voices.

How many have gotten frustrated because we feel those around us should recognize we need help and just jump in, or offer? 🖐🏽 (I’m raising my hand.) Then how many get angry, frustrated, or hurt when that doesn’t work? 🖐🏽 (I’m raising my hand again.)

Some things you won’t have earthly help to get over. At least not at first. See God wants to show you that you can overcome it, achieve it, or heal it with Him alone. Why? 

  1. So He can get ALL the Glory and you can know that you know He is real!
  2. So you can Help somebody else that encounters the same situation.

I know, “why me Lord” may be going through your mind but “why not you!!”

There is a caveat to this post. If you are in danger or at risk of harming yourself or others, Go get help! There are resources for you.

  • Suicide Hotline tel:1-800-273-8255
  • Domestic Violence tel:1-866-331-9474

If you need a coach or someone to walk with you through getting your life back on track! Contact me: Youlisha (571-399-5474) or

Bless you! Help is on the way!

Love Yourself 

Do you know it’s a sin to not love yourself? It’s not just a sin but it’s an insult to your creator! When you hate any part of your being: body, your looks, your mistakes, even your issues you are really saying the following:

  • Lord you didn’t make me good enough
  • Lord how you made me is all wrong
  • Lord your blood doesn’t have the power to forgive my mistakes and give me a greater future
  • Lord I don’t believe you are able to fix what I’m going through right now

Now most of us would not say these things to God in our prayer time.  Yet we repeat these things over and over in our mind and spirit when we put ourselves down!

If you don’t like something about your life, love yourself enough to change what you can and believe God to do the rest!

He made no mistakes when he created you. He knew you would mess up, he knew you wouldn’t look like anyone else, and he even knew at times you would doubt Him. 

With all that, He still thinks you are to Die for!!! The least you can do for Him is Love Yourself…Smooches 

His Voice!

You must spend time with God in order to recognize His voice above all others. This may sound overwhelming or complicated but it doesn’t have to be. One place to hear God speak to you is through His Word, the Bible. Another is through prayer and conversation, you speak to Him and wait for Him to speak to you. Another is just in stillness and silence. 

You must first believe you can hear His voice and then you should expect it. It’s so important to know how He speaks to you so you can discern the voices that are not His.

If you are waiting for a spouse. That persons communication should mimic how God speaks. If it doesn’t, they are not the one or are not ready. Either way, run!!!  

Thoughts bombard us sometimes. Our Self-Talk should mimic the voice of God or you should shut it down with the Word of God and the Name of Jesus!

Get to know His Voice!

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

‭‭John‬ ‭10:27‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

The Strong Ones

Do you get frustrated because the people closest to you don’t recognize when you need help? Maybe you are going through and as the encourager and cheerleader for others you wish you had one for yourself. 

You are not alone, you are part of the tribe I’ll call “The Strong Ones.” I have a message for you today:

People aren’t neglecting you. Don’t get offended, frustrated, and angry when they don’t respond the way you expect. See, you go through tests and trials so well that people think you really have it all together. They don’t know how you really feel and wouldn’t know how to respond if they did. But there is one that cares, He knows about it, and He will give you the strength to endure and come out of the fire without being burned! His name is Jesus! Cry out to Him, lay down and tell Him all about it! He knows what suffering is. He knows what it feels like to feel forsaken, hurt, and disappointed. Share your heart with Him today and keep it moving. 

Don’t get mad at people in your circle and what seems like a lack of care. Truth is they do love you and they care. Believe it or not, even trials look good on you! 😉

You Have A Choice!

Let me break a misconception that I used to have and that I encounter from time to time. The misconception is that those that share inspiration don’t go through the same gut wrenching, life altering, and flat out painful issues that others face. It’s just not true, we go through just as much as any. The difference is that we make a choice to use that pain for a purpose!

You have a choice as well, what will you choose?

  • Allow the test/trial to shut you down!


  • Use the test/trial as fuel to Press Full Steam Ahead!

I pray you choose the latter, there is a group of people that need to the treasure that is within you!

Smooches 😘

The Glass is Refillable

So I know we all have seen that pic of a glass half full used to illustrate optimism or either pessimism depending on whether you see it half full or half empty. But how about taking a new look.

It’s a glass. It’s open at the top. It can be emptied out and it can be poured back into. Take a moment and just think of yourself as that glass:

  • Do you need to pour out all the goodness that is in it to help fill someone else’s empty glass


  • Do you need to dump it, clean it up and fill it with something fresh and new 

If you have been pouring out and need to be refilled take some time to nuture your soul spiritually and physically. We all need a break. It’s in these times that we can be refilled so we can pour out even more.

If you don’t like what’s in your glass, it’s been sitting still too long and is starting to smell. Pour it out and refill it with what will bring Life!

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭11:25‬ ‭

Just Keep Swimming

Once you have identified what you are supposed to do in life, just keep doing it. Do it until it becomes 2nd nature. If you are called to impact the lives of children, do it everyday. Some days what you do will be seen, sometimes it will be preparation or even downtime to be refreshed. But do it purposefully!

Brushing our teeth, bathing, and for sure eating are things we do without 2nd thought. We do them because we know to do them. If we run out of toothpaste, soap, or food we get more! We don’t give up on bathing and eating. 

When you face obstacles, challenges, test, and trials you must keep doing the work. You have to regroup and get what you need (spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially) to get it done. You must keep swimming!!! 

Deep inside your soul knows what it was created to do. Once you tap into that and do it on a daily basis. Your whole life and outlook will change. You will wake up with no alarm. You will have joy unspeakable! You will be fulfilling your purpose. When it gets hard just tell yourself like Dory “Just Keep Swimming!” Bless you! 😘