The Lesson before the Test

I realize that often times I like to skip to the test in hopes that I pass regardless of whether I’ve actually learned a lesson or not. Testing has a purpose. A test is designed to test your knowledge and to evaluate how well you understand and can apply what you have learned.

This morning I had to take an annual course that gives you the option to skip the lessons and take the test. Honestly, this is usually the option I take. Why? It takes less time and I feel like I know the material. Well, I mistakenly hit the wrong button and had to take the whole course again before I could take the final evaluation. This got me thinking…

How many times do we try to skip ahead and pass the tests of life but haven’t effectively learned our lesson. We are missing out on the wealth of knowledge that the “University of Life” is trying to teach us because:

  • We are in a hurry and are rushing to our next step
  • We think we know it all already
  • We forget things, people, and seasons are constantly changing

It make take extra time but make sure that you are learning the lessons life is trying to teach you. Yes I know it seems you always pass the test but how well have you really mastered what you were supposed to learn!

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Using Cash to Decrease Spending

Create a Prayer Board!

Happy New Year 2018!

I know many of you start the year off with creating a Vision Board. Well, I want to give you an idea of another board to make and sit somewhere you can see it everyday (A Prayer Board). You may be thinking what’s the difference.

They may be one in the same for some. But for me it’s different. Your prayer board should have all your prayer requests you have for the year. Add pictures and words  that will remind you to lift those prayers up daily. 

Here are some examples:

  • Loved ones that need to be saved or delivered 
  • Relationships that need to be restored
  • Self Control in a certain area 
  • Freedom from any bondage in your life 
  • Provisions or an open door you desire 

When we end 2018 we can rejoice over those prayers answered.

I pray a blessed and prosperous new year!

Are you ready to forgive?

I pray you all had a Merry Christmas and are enjoying the holiday season. Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving…forgiveness.

  • Maybe you didn’t spend as much time with your loved ones because of something that has happened you haven’t gotten over.
  • Maybe someone wronged you and you are waiting for the apology you may never get.
  • Maybe your life is at a stand still because you can’t get him/her and what happened off your mind.

If you are ready to forgive, let it go, and move on. Meet me on the phone line Wednesdays January 3, 10, 17, and 24. You will need your journal to take notes and homework will be given so be ready to do some work. 

I’m so excited. Have a Happy and Safe New Year!